John Bresina

Expertise: AI Planning & Scheduling and Mission Operations
Affiliation: NASA Ames Research Center
Certification/Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science

BASALT Research Objectives

Investigate integrated traverse and activiity planning, as well   as integrated temporal and spatial constraint reasoning, within   the context of future Mars missions.


Dr. John L. Bresina is a Research Computer Scientist at NASA  Ames Research Center, with over twenty-five years of NASA   R&D experience in AI planning, scheduling, and execution.  In   addition to his research endeavors, Dr. Bresina has participated in   several NASA missions. For MER, he was part of the GDS   Activity Planning & Sequencing Subsystem (APSS) team and was   one of the six original MOS Tactical Activity Planners. For   LCROSS, he was the GDS APSS team and the MOS Activity   Planning & Sequencing team. For MSL, he was part of the GDS   APSS team. For LADEE, he led the GDS APSS team and the   MOS Mission Planning & Sequencing team. Dr. Bresina earned   his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University, under   Dr. Saul Amarel.