BASALT team working on a forthcoming Special Issue

The BASALT team is putting the final touches on a Special Issue that will appear in the journal Astrobiology in early 2019.  This issue will include a collection of papers that discuss the Science, Operations and Technology research elements that make up BASALT as a whole.  Furthermore, look for a Forward by NASA Astronaut Dr. Stan Love. More soon as this Special Issue release nears!

County of Hawaii proclaims Nov.7-18 ‘NASA BASALT Weeks’




The County of Hawai`i has issued a formal proclamation that the weeks of Nov.7-18, 2016 are ‘NASA BASALT research weeks’.  This honor comes as the BASALT team begins their 2 week scientific exploration of Mauna Ulu under simulated Mars mission conditions.

The BASALT team would like to express their gratitude to the people of Hawai`i for their support and enthusiasm for science, exploration and NASA’s Journey to Mars.