Monday, November 7, 2011
Darlene Lim
Darlene Lim (N15 Science Team Lead) and Margarita Marinova supported the NEEMO 15 science activities from October 16-25 in Key Largo, Florida.  Margarita also participated as a support diver for the N15 Aquarius saturation crew. The science team was comprised of participants from academia, other NASA centers, NOAA and industry. The science activities involved Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) pre-cursion missions, and Nuytco Research DeepWorker submersible operations. The science was focused on using the submersibles for 1) ground-truthing pre-cursor remote sensing data, 2) assessing general reef health, 3) investigating the detectability of chemical variation in Conch Reef, and 4) assessing science operations strategies for maximizing productivity and data return in a Limited Life Support environment. David Lees and Tamar Cohen from Code TI also supported the N15 science efforts with their exploration Ground Data Systems (xGDS) software. Further details on the N15 mission can be found at