No registration fee will be charged for this workshop. However, for badging and planning purposes we ask that you register by the below deadlines. NASA Ames Research Center is a secured government facility in which visit requests must be submitted in a timely manner to facilitate proper processing. All visitors are requested to bring identification. Foreign nationals and green card holders will need to bring two forms of identification (passport and visa or driver's license and green card).

Non-US Citizens (i.e., Foreign Nationals) will need to complete separate paperwork in advance of the workshop in order to gain access to NASA Ames Research Center. We therefore request that all Foreign Nationals register below by March 16, 2012. Once registered you will be given further instructions via email by Sandra Owen. Foreign Nationals with Permanent-Residence status (i.e., green card holders) can register by the April 20th deadline, however you must present identification and your green card when arriving at the Badging office.

Foreign Nationals deadline March 16, 2012
US Citizens deadline April 13, 2012