c Mars Recent Climate Change Workshop


Abstract Instructions for Authors

We are asking for an Initial Abstract due before the workshop, and an Extended Abstract due after the workshop. The initial abstract will help us formulate the program; the extended abstract will serve as a formal record of the workshop. Our motivation for the initial abstract is to make it easy for participants to be considered for the program. It is our experience that much of the work done for workshops takes place after the abstracts are submitted. Thus, by asking for an extended abstract after the meeting workshop participants will have a chance to provide a more detailed description of their contribution (since a talk or poster must be prepared anyway), and to revise their abstract based on workshop feedback (which is often helpful).

Initial Abstract Deadline: March 16, 2012, 5PM PDT

General Instructions: For the March 16th deadline, submit your initial abstract in a Microsoft Word document (no PDF's please) that provides the following information: Author list and affiliations, contact information for the lead author, preference for an oral or poster presentation, and a SINGLE PARAGRAPH of text (no figures, tables, or references please) that succinctly describes the topic and key results (if available). Download a sample template here.

Abstract Submission Instructions:

The process for submitting an abstract is the same for both initial and extended abstracts. Prepare the abstract as described above and using 'InAbst' and 'ExAbst' referring to the initial and extended abstracts, respectively. Name the file containing your abstract "Lastname_Initials_InAbst.doc" or "Lastname_Initials_ExAbst.doc" where the names and initials refer to the corresponding author (e.g., Haberle_RM_Inabst.doc). Be sure the file is closed and resides on the same machine as your Web browser. Upload the file below. Once uploaded the screen will display a message stating that your abstract has been received.

Should you have problems or need assistance call or e-mail Bob Haberle at 650-604-5491 (Robert.M.Haberle@nasa.gov).

Deadline for initial abstract submission is March 16th, 2012.