Past Highlights

Ames scientists present latest research on polar volatiles to international community

Ames researchers Anthony Colaprete, Jennifer Heldmann, and Rick Elphic each delivered invited talks at the 57th Annual Brown-Vernadsky Microsymposium in Houston, TX, while Ted Roush and Elphic had poster presentations. 

Chickasaw - Mattioda

Dr. Andrew Mattioda featured in a Chickasaw Times article

Dr. Andrew Mattioda was featured in a Chickasaw Times newspaper article, the official newspaper of the Chickasaw Nation.  The article covers Dr. Mattioda's rural Oklahoma background and his commitment to inspire children from rural areas, specifically Native Americans, to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers.  Dr.

LADEE Solves Decades-Old Question About Moon’s Neon

The Christian Science Monitor (8/18, Warner, 455K) continues coverage of how the LADEE spacecraft confirmed that the moon’s atmosphere, also known as an exosphere contains neon. Mehdi Benna of the Goddard Space Flight Center, the lead author of the study, said, “The presence of neon in the exosphere of the moon has been a subject of speculation since the Apollo missions, but no credible detections were made. ...

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers Ancient Planets

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Discovers Ancient Planets. New Scientist (1/27, Grossman, 297K) reports on a discovery of five ancient planets around an 11.2 billion-year old star.
Amattioda Choctaw

Dr. Andrew Mattioda conducts Education Outreach to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

July 12-15, 2014, Dr. Andrew Mattioda traveled to the Choctaw Nation Jones Academy boarding school to participate in their first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) summer camp for Choctaw Nation youth.   Coming from a background similar to theirs, Dr. Mattioda talked with the students about the path he took to become a NASA scientist as well as career opportunities in the STEM fields.

Mars Rover Breaks Driving Record

Mars Rover Breaks Driving Record. The Pasadena (CA) Star-News (7/28, 89K) reports that on Monday, NASA announced that “the Opportunity Mars rover broke a world record this month when, after 10.5 years, its odometer read 25 miles.” The piece notes that “the space rover has gone 40 times above and beyond NASA’s expectations, said John Callas, Mars exploration rover project manager at the Jet Propulsion Labora

Curiosity Rover Takes “Selfie” After Completing First Martian Year

TIME (6/23, Goldberg, 24.1M) reports NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover took a “selfie” to celebrate its first Martian year on the planet. One year on Mars is equal to 687 Earth days.

Mars Rover Continues Mission Toward Mount Sharp

Ken Kremer at Universe Today (6/22, 18K) writes about NASA’s Curiosity mission, which is traveling across the floor of Mars’ Gale Crater toward “Mount Sharp on an expedition in search of the chemical ingredients of life that could support Martian microbes if they ever existed.” …

Christopher McKay Develops “Extreme Checklist” For Habitable Planets

 New Scientist (6/9, Grossman, 329K) reports that Christopher McKay of the Ames Research Center has developed an “expanded checklist” of the types of planets that could host life. The new checklist was based on “the extremes that life can endure” here on Earth.

SOFIA Gaining New Instrument

Britt Rawcliffe at Spaceflight Insider (6/5) wrote that the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) is getting a new instrument called the Echelon-Cross-Echelle Spectrograph (EXES), which stated testing back in April. SOFIA program scientist Pamela Marcum said that the addition of the instrument will give SOFIA an “unprecedented ability to study celestial objects at wavelengths unavailable from ground-based telescopes.”

Kepler Telescope Has Already Found Candidate Planets Under K2 Campaign

Discovery News (6/5, Klotz, 252K) reports that Thomas Barclay of the Ames Research Center said that in just the first nine days of the Kepler telescopes new observational campaign, K2, which has restored the telescope’s observational capabilities after losing two reaction wheels, “three more candidate planets, all around the size of Jupiter, circling relatively bright stars,” have been discovered.

SOFIA Declared Operational

Flight Global (6/3, 2K) reports that NASA declared that the Stratospheric Observatory of Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) telescope is now operational, a milestone which comes several months after Obama Administration released its 2015 budget that “effectively” grounds the program.

Kepler Telescope Resumes Scientific Observations

Spaceflight Now (6/3, Clark, 3K) reports that starting May 30, the Kepler telescope has been taking new scientific observations under the “K2” extension plan, which is allowing the telescope to operate on only two out of four functioning reaction wheels. under this “new lease on life,” the telescope will undertake nine observational campaigns over the next two years.

LRO Images LADEE At The Moon

LRO Images LADEE At The Moon. Spaceflight Now (1/30, Clark, 3K) reports that on Wednesday, NASA released an image of the LADEE spacecraft taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). The article describes how LRO operators were able to capture the image on January 14.

Teachers Picked For SOFIA Ambassadors Program

Teachers Picked For SOFIA Ambassadors Program. TheAlternativePress (1/24) reported on the selection of Chatham, New Jersey high school science teacher Margaret Holzer through a “rigorous peer-reviewed process” to participate in SOFIA’s Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors program.

NASA Rover Results Include First Age Measurement on Mars and Help for Human Exploration

NASA's Curiosity rover is providing vital insight about Mars' past and current environments that will aid plans for future robotic and human missions.

NASA Update - Curiosity Out of Safe Mode

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Project received confirmation from Mars Sunday (Nov. 10) that the Curiosity rover has successfully transitioned back into nominal surface operations mode. Curiosity had been in safe mode since Nov. 7, when an unexpected software reboot (also known as a warm reset) occurred during a communications pass with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Mission science planning will resume tomorrow, and Curiosity science operations will recommence on Thursday.

Borucki Said He Is “Satisfied” By Kepler

Borucki Said He Is “Satisfied” By Kepler. The Discover Magazine (11/11, Powell, 314K), in an article titled “Kepler Spacecraft’s Successors Are Lining Up to Find Another Earth” for its December 2013 issue, reported Kepler is not currently hunting planets, Bill Borucki of the Ames Research Center said he has “a feeling of satisfaction” about the mission, adding, “The worry before we launched was that there were very few planets. That’s not true.

Engineers Outline K2 Plan To Restart Kepler Telescope Observations

Engineers Outline K2 Plan To Restart Kepler Telescope Observations. New Scientist (11/8, Becker, 18K) reports engineers at the Kepler Science Conference II outlined the “K2” plan, which would use a “helpful push from the sun” to allow the Kepler telescope to once again search for more exoplanets.