The First Annual ARC Space Science and Astrobiology Symposium

March 12, 2013
Building 3

Below is the schedule for the day.  In addition to the lectures and talks listed below, please make time to visit the 80+ posters!  Abstracts for the talks and posters will be made available prior to the symposium.
8:00 Registration & poster setup
8:30 Michael Bicay: Welcome
8:45 Outstanding Early Career Space Scientist Lecture: Rus Belikov: Beyond Kepler: Direct Imaging of Earth-Like Planets
9:45 Jack Lissauer: Accretion of Water by Exo-Earths
10:05 Jason Rowe: Mapping the Surface of a Rocky Extrasolar Planet: Kepler-10b
10:25 Poster Session (odd number posters) & Coffee Break
11:10 Philippe Sarrazin: The development of CheMin, it's employment on the MSL rover Curiosity and first quantitative mineralogical results from Mars
11:30 Thomas Bristow: Ancient Cold-Seep Deposits as Paleoenvironmental Indicators of the Late Precambrian to Early Paleozoic Biosphere
11:50 Richard Quinn: Perchlorate Radiolysis on Mars and the Origin of Martian Soil Reactivity
12:10 Poster Session / Lunch
13:15 David Des Marais: Microbial mats offer insights about our early biosphere and its biosignatures
13:35 Lee Bebout: Microbial Systems: Nexus roles for Astrobiology, Energy and Space
13:55 Nathalie Cabrol: Exploring Planetary Lakes
14:15 Pamela Marcum: Extremely Isolated Early-Type Galaxies: Benchmarks of Galaxy Evolution
14:35 Hans Zinnecker: SOFIA mid-infrared observations of the Orion Nebula region
14:55 Cesar Contreras: Laboratory Studies of the Formation of Carbonaceous Dust from PAH Precursors
15:15 Poster Session (even number posters) & Coffee Break
16:00 Rick Elphic: The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE): T-minus 6 months and counting
16:20 Pollack Lecture:Dale Cruikshank: Planetary Chemistry: Ices to Organics
17:20 Remove Posters

We look forward to seeing all of you at the inaugural Code SS symposium!
- Tim & Jessie
Event date: 
03/12/2013 - 8:30am - 5:30pm
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