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Meteorite Discovery

Scientist Retracts Claim About Meteorite In California


The KTVU-TV  San Francisco (10/24) website reports, "After a fireball streaked across the Bay Area sky last Wednesday evening, scientists and locals alike were on the hunt for pieces of the meteor that was believed to have made landfall in the Bay Area."


International Observe the Moon Night

NASA Ames welcomed several hundred members of the community for International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) this year. 
Women in STEM discussion at Presentation High School, San Jose

Women in STEM discussion at Presentation High School, San Jose

Responding to a request from the White House and the Office of Science & Technology Policy in Washington, DC, NASA Ames participated in a presentation and panel discussion on Oct 4, 2012 to discuss career opportunities and pathways for girls at Presentation High School in San Jose.

Haven House Family Shelter NASA Explorers' Program

Through the support of a Space Grant Foundation of California award, Darlene Lim has began her initiative to bring STEM topics to kids ages 5-15 at the Haven House Family Shelter. This shelter houses homeless families and the children in this establishment have numerous barriers to academic success that they must overcome.  STEM related programming is currently missing from the Shelter Network's Children's Program, and this pilot program will be a first for the organization.
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