Planetary Systems Branch (Code SST)

Ross A. Beyer, elected to the American Astronomical Soceity's Division for Planetary Sciences Committee

Dr. Ross Beyer has been elected to the DPS Committee for a 3-year term. 

The DPS is the primary scholarly society for Planetary Sciences, and the Committee, along with the Chair and other officers, is responsible for governing the society.

SST Instrument used in Milestone ISRU Field Test

HIGHLIGHT: Members of SST provided key science instrumentation and support for the RESOLVE In Situ Resource Utilization field test on Mauna Kea on the big island of Hawaii.

Iterations of Science & Exploration

Dr. Kimberly Ennico wrote this blog entry on July 16, 2012 while working on a field test for RESOLVE, the Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatile Extraction. This week you can follow RESOLVE live on Ustream.


LADEE UVS Flight Instrument Enters Flight Acceptance Testing

The LADEE UltraViolet Spectrometer (UVS) passed its Pre-Environmental testing Review (PER) and was cleared for flight acceptance testing. Over the next 35 days the UVS instrument will be put through a series of tests, including EMI/EMC, random vibration and thermal vacuum testing, before being delivered to the LADEE Project for integration into the LADEE spacecraft.
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