Planetary Systems Branch (Code SST)

Valley Christian High School

Planetary Systems Branch (SST) welcome students from Valley Christian High School, San Jose

Students from Valley Christian High School in San Jose, California, were welcomed to Ames this month by SST scientists. The students visited NASA as part of their advanced research course at Valley Christian and look forward to future mentoring and collaborations with Ames scientists.

Planetary Systems Branch Chief invited to University of Oxford as an External Examiner for the D.Phil. (PhD) degree

During the week of 29 October through 2 November 2012, Dr Jeffery Hollingsworth, Space Scientist & Chief, Planetary Systems Branch (Code SST), and Principal Investigator (PI) of the NASA ARC Mars Climate Modeling Project (MCMC), was invited to travel to the United Kingdom by the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division and the Head of the Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics Department (AOPP), University of Oxford, to serve as the External Examiner in the D.Phil. (PhD) examination (or "viva") of Mr David Mulholland, a candidate for degree.
SAM (Sample Analysis on Mars)

SAM (Sample Analysis on Mars)

The SAM (Sample Analysis on Mars) instrument on the Curiosity Mars Rover has completed its initial testing and checkout.
The instrument has already sampled the Martian air, measuring the bulk composition and searching for methane.
In the first few days of November it is expected the the instrument will obtain its first soil sample.
Meteorite Discovery

Scientist Retracts Claim About Meteorite In California


The KTVU-TV  San Francisco (10/24) website reports, "After a fireball streaked across the Bay Area sky last Wednesday evening, scientists and locals alike were on the hunt for pieces of the meteor that was believed to have made landfall in the Bay Area."

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