Planetary Systems Branch (Code SST) – Researchers first to identify nature of historic meteorite.

"Researchers at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute and NASA Ames Research Center, both located in Mountain View, Calif., initiated the Sutter's Mill Meteorite Consortium. Beauford and Sears, now a meteoriticist with NASA Ames, co–edit Meteorite magazine, an international journal of meteorite science. Sears is Beauford's doctoral adviser."

McKay: Global Warming Would Be Needed To Make Mars Habitable

The New York Times  (12/11, Ray, Subscription Publication, 1.68M) examines the question on whether humans could live on Mars if plants were raised to produce oxygen.

Space Science & Astrobiology Division Chief, and Planetary Systems Branch Chief Participate in 10th VEXAG Meeting, Washington DC

This week (13-15 November 2012), the Space Science and Astrobiology Division (Code SS) Chief, Dr. Timothy Lee, the Planetary Systems Branch Chief (Code SST), Dr. Jeffery Hollingsworth, and ARC NPP Resident Research Fellow, Dr. Amanda Brecht, attended the Tenth Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) ( meeting in Washington DC and NASA Headquarters.

Ames scientists support planning for possible Herschel spacecraft lunar impact

The European Space Agency (ESA)$1.4B Herschel space telescope is slated to be decommissioned next March as the observatory's supply of cryogen runs out.  Lunar scientists have proposed repurposing the spacecraft to impact the Moon to search for lunar polar volatiles and to further understand the nature of polar regolith and impact processes.
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