Planetary Systems Branch (Code SST)


Testing Science Performance in a Planetary Surface Space Suit

Performing scientific research work in a space suit is one of the major challenges of future human exploration of Planetary surfaces.


Titan Airplane Mission Concept Study published

Several Ames scientists and engineers were co-authors on the following 
concept study paper:


Darlene Lim (N15 Science Team Lead) and Margarita Marinova supported the NEEMO 15 science activities from October 16-25 in Key Largo, Florida.  Margarita also participated as a support diver for the N15 Aquarius saturation crew.

NASA Ames involved in new lunar initiative called RESOLVE: Exploring the lunar poles for resource potential.

Lunar scientists in code SST are involved in a multi-center effort to design and build a payload that would locate valuable resources at the lunar poles.  The LCROSS mission has revealed that some locations at the lunar poles are unexpectedly rich in water and other volatiles. 

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