Astrophysics Branch (Code SSA)

AAS Leadership & Executive Committee Meeting

Dr. Farid Salama was invited to attend the AAS Fall Leadership Meeting and Executive Committee Meeting and to prepare and present a 2-page report providing the basic information about the Laboratory Astrophysics Division for distribution to other Division leaders as a snapshot of the purpose and activities as well as recent accomplishments and future plans of the new division.

Interview for Nature Magazine

Dr. Farid Salama was interviewed by a Nature Magazine's reporter on the growth of laboratory astrophysics, the formation of the laboratory astrophysics division at the AAS and the current situation in the field. 
Observatory Dome

CIAS Workshop on new and Advanced Techniques in Laboratory Astrophysics

Dr. Farid Salama was invited by the Meudon Observatory (CNRS, Paris, France) to attend a workshop organized by the CIAS on the topic of new and future techniques in laboratory astrophysics.

Kepler Space Telescope to hunt for Earth-like Planets

Kepler Space Telescope To Hunt For Earth-Like Planets. PC Magazine,2817,2412264,00.asp (11/19, Poeter, 608K) reported, "NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope discovered more than 100 confirmed planets in its just-completed main mission and will now begin to hunt for Earth-like planets on an extended mission that could last to 2016, the space agency announced this week."
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