Ames Center for Exoplanet Studies (ACES)

Exoplanet 8

Cross-disciplinary group advancing Exoplanet observations, theory, technology, and missions

ACES Goals:

Foster communication, build interdisciplinary efforts, provide a focal / contact point for internal
and external communication for Ames exoplanet activities

Director, Tom Greene

ACES Functions:

  • Coordinate efforts on Ames exoplanet activities
  • Provide a forum for communicating latest science & technology results and share expertise
  • Advocate Ames activities within and beyond Ames
  • Identify and respond to mission and proposal activities
  • Support exoplanet-related activities in other Ames organizations and within the agency.

Bay Area Exoplanet Science Meetings held at the SETI Institute:

Exoplanet colloquia and seminar talks at NASA Ames:

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Ames Coronagraph Testbed Information:

Ames scientists involved in coronagraph selection for the AFTA / WFIRST mission

Charlie Bolden recently approved the using the 2.4-m telescope assets given to NASA for the WFIRST mission that was the #1 large space mission priority of the 2010 decadal survey in astronomy and astrophysics. In addition to a wide field imaging instrument, this version of WFIRST will have a coronagraphic instrument for exoplanet imaging and spectroscopy. It is very important to improve the technological readiness of this exoplanet instrument, so the NASA exoplanet program manager (G.

Coronagraph technology for direct imaging of exo-Earths

#1 Awarded 3 proposals on which I am a Co-I, which provides significant funding towards the Ames Coronagraph Laboratory to develop coronagraph technology for direct imaging of exo-Earths.

The proposals are part of NASA ROSES TDEM (Technology development for Exoplanet Missions). Here they are:

Assessing the performance limits of internal coronagraphs through end-to-end modeling

Thermal Emission and Tidal Heating of the Heavy and Eccentric Planet XO-3b

Machalek, Pavel; Greene, Tom; McCullough, Peter R.; Burrows, Adam; Burke, Christopher J.; Hora, Joseph L.; Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Deming, Drake L.

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