Nathan Bramall

Instrument Integration Lead


Nathan has spent the last fifteen years developing novel spectroscopic instruments and microfluidic platforms in various form-factors and deployed them in extreme environments such as the South Pole, Greenland, and Alaska. He has extensive experience designing and constructing highly-sensitive fluorescence spectrometers tuned to detect minerals, proteins, and other biosignatures in form-factors ranging from borehole loggers to flow-cell instruments. While employed as a senior scientist at Los Gatos Research, he also developed a number of high-performance tunable diode laser spectrometers in both single-pass and cavity-enhanced (ICOS) geometries covering the NIR and Mid-IR regions. Dr. Bramall also has experience developing miniaturized microfluidic platforms, including all of the hardware, electronics, and firmware required to control pneumatically-driven microvalves, -15-kV µCE, and various optical-detection methods (e.g., LIF in micro-capillary-electrophoresis, absorption measurements). Additionally,he has worked on the NASA Ames O/OREOS satellite project doing mechanical design, optical spectroscopy, payload preparation, and process methods-and-testing of organic thin films and miniature reaction cells.