Michael Miller

Expertise: Communications engineering, electronic hardware design
Affiliation: NASA Kennedy Space Center
Certification/Education: B.S. in electrical engineering from University of Central Florida

BASALT Research Objectives

Design, fabricate, and integrate an informatics backpack that will enable the field team to optimize their science return.

Engineer high-bandwidth wireless networks to provide high-reliability voice, video and data communications between the mission control team, software products and field team across all areas of the lava flows.


Mike leads the Telescience Research and Technology portfolio for KSC. In addition to BASALT, most of his time is spent on the Ka-Band Objects: Observation and Monitoring (KaBOOM) project. This team has embarked on a path to develop the concepts for a high power, higher resolution phased array radar system.


He has several years of experience designing communication systems for analog missions that align with NASA’s exploration road maps. To complement these missions, Mike led the design and fabrication of field-deployable informatics backpacks and a communication system for both of the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV) and Deep Space Habitat (DSH) prototypes