Kimberly Williams

Affiliation: NASA Ames Research Center – San Jose State University Research Foundation


Kimberly is the lead Public Affairs Officer for the Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains (BASALT) science research project at NASA’s Ames Research Center, in California’s Silicon Valley.  Kimberly’s experience in supporting events and communications efforts has elevated her to being an accomplished global communicator, within the Agency and space industry. With more than 18 years of experience in public relations, event management, outreach and television production, she has a proven track record of designing and executing high-impact integrated communications programs. Her government experience in aerospace, technology, and engineering has gained the respect of many NASA executive officials, industry partners and technology companies who see her as peers.

Kimberly’s project management skills and professionalism allows her to collaborate with commercial, creative, academia, government agencies, and congressional representatives on multiple projects while building and maintaining strong relationships. Because of her successful development of high-impact media campaigns for NASA’s work in projects such as BASALT, Kimberly is recognized for gaining a renewed interest of NASA by the public via outreach materials and multimedia products.  She has developed a passion for inspiring the next generation of innovative thinkers, scientists, researchers, and game changers in technology advancement.

Highly respected by NASA senior executive officials and peers, Kimberly communicates Agency messaging for science and exploration-based technology innovations that support human and robotics missions at media panel events, NASA and public events, workshops and conferences, worldwide.

Her television production experience cultivates strong relationships with media outlets, resulting in consistent media coverage. In 2005, her efforts resulted in over 250 live television broadcasts via satellite with over 300 TV stations globally for a single high-profile media campaign – “NASA’s Return to Flight for the Space Shuttle” (Discovery, STS-114).

Since starting at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA in 1998, Kimberly has facilitated thousands of media interviews and tours of NASA facilities, visits with national and international VIPs, legislative constituents, and celebrity guests. A member of NASA’s Speakers Bureau, Kimberly has emceed at NASA special events, media day events, award ceremonies, conferences and other public events.  In 2014, Kimberly was appointed as event coordinator by the NASA Ames Center Director for NASA Ames’ 75th Anniversary Open House (October 2014), attended by over 120,000 guests, and most recently, NASA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management Convention (July 2015) attended by 6,000 industry leaders in the unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) community.

Kimberly’s core values stem from a commitment to maintaining a strong network of clients who trust the work to be done right and efficiently. She enjoys helping the BASALT team to build comprehensive, executable, and measurable public relations campaigns that communicate and meet NASA mission goals and objectives.