Kara Beaton

Expertise: Human physiology, performance, and exploration systems & operations
Affiliation: NASA JSC/Wyle Science, Technology, & Engineering
Certification/Education: Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
M.S. Aeronautics & Astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois

BASALT Research Objectives

Work with international team of expert field scientists, engineers, and researchers to design, develop, test, and evaluate tools and techniques for scientific exploration of planetary bodies under challenging operational conditions.


Kara is currently a research engineer in the EVA Physiology Laboratory (EPL) at JSC and is heavily involved in the Exploration Analogs & Mission Development and Mars Moons Human Spaceflight Architecture teams. She has extensive experience with operationally driven aerospace and biomedical research with NASA, the US Navy, and various clinical laboratories. Prior to joining the EPL, she completed post-doctoral fellowships in the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Dept. of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery, where she focused on baseline predictors of sensorimotor adaptation and the development of a portable sensorimotor assessment device that was employed in multiple NASA analog missions. When not in the lab or out in the field, Kara is an avid marathoner and long-distance runner, outdoor adventure aficionado, master SCUBA diver, and world traveler.