Ivy Deliz

Expertise: Software Development, Planning
Affiliation: ASRC Federal, NASA Ames Research Center
Certification/Education: B.S. Computer Science, University of Puerto Rico
M.S. Computer Science, Columbia University

BASALT Research Objectives

Playbook technical on-site support and EVA Planning operational support.


Ivy Deliz is a software developer for Playbook, a user-friendly, mobile-ready, comprehensive software tool that enables astronaut execute mission plans as well as provide text communication during time-delayed operations. She has also developed SPIFe planning and scheduling tools for various International Space Station Mission Control consoles, Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) and LADEE Lunar Orbiter. She has been the Lead Planner for the NEEMO Analog Mission since 2014 (NEEMO 18) and has trained on Playbook use for mission operations.