Hazel Sears


Hazel’s formal training is in mathematics. She taught mathematics at the high school level in the UK (1971-1979) and calculus at the University of Arkansas, (1981-1987) before moving full time to science management in 1988. Since then, she has been involved in sample curation and data handling for the natural thermoluminescence survey of Antarctic meteorites (1987-2001). I was managing editor for the technical journal “Meteoritics and Planetary Science” (1991-2001), and the popular “Meteorite” magazine(2006-present), being the President of Meteorite LLC. Hazel was the founding manager of the Arkansas Center for Planetary Science (2000-2008), during which she participated in the creation and management of research and teaching programs and outreach programs. She has been heavily involved in meeting organization (Metsoc 1988 and meetings connected with the Arkansas Center for Space & Planetary Sciences) and in proposal and grant management. Hazel came to the Bay Area with Derek in 2011 and work with him on proposal and grant management and his research and publication activities.