Brent Garry

Expertise: Geology, Planetary Volcanology
Affiliation: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Certification/Education: 2006, Ph.D., Geology, University at Buffalo, NY

BASALT Research Objectives

To explore the diverse geology at Craters of the Moon National Monument as an analog for the rilles and cones in Marius Hills on the Moon.


Dr. Garry studies volcanism on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. His research projects involve the study of terrestrial lava flows that he compares to volcanoes and lava flows on the Moon and Mars to better understand their eruption processes and geologic history. Dr. Garry has ongoing research projects to study lava flows in Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, and Iceland. He also served as a Participating Scientist on NASA’s Dawn and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) missions.