Alexander Sehlke

Expertise: Geology - Volcanology
Certification/Education: Ph.D., Geology, University of Missouri, 2015
B.Sc./Diplom, Geosciences, University of Hannover, Germany, 2010

BASALT Research Objectives

  • Evaluation of portable science instruments, including vis-NIR, FTIR, XRF, in the field and under standardized laboratory conditions.
  • Poviding geological context based on lava flow morphology and chemistry


Volcanoes have fascinated Alexander Sehlke since his childhood. He started studying Geosciences at the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany in 2005. In 2011, Alexander began his doctoral studies at the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Missouri – Columbia, and received his PhD in 2015. He studied the rheological evolution of terrestrial and planetary basalts during cooling and crystallization, experimentally. His studies on lava flow emplacement and the mechanism of the development of diverse lava surface morphologies were complemented by field investigations on both active and inactive lava flows erupted on the big island of Hawaii, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Field work included sample collection and measurements of the geometry of channelized sections within lava flows and different type of surface morphologies (e.g., pahoehoe, transitional, `a`a). Alexander has taught undergraduate students in the field and the classroom as a teaching assistant in Mineralogy and course instructor during his time at the University of Missouri.